Our transports


We transport 6/8/9 ADR class chemical products for major producers in Italy and abroad.
Products mainly utilized for water purification and decontamination.
Our tank trucks are rubber/ebonite and stainless steel and the tractors are equipped with a pump and compressor.

Hydrogen peroxide and organic peroxides

Hydrogen peroxide with an oxygen concentration of up to 70% is transported in dedicated tanks.
Organic peroxides, specifically Peracetic Acid with a concentration of up to 15%, is transported in specially built tanks, authorized and monitored by the Ministry of Transport.
C.I.P.A.A. is one of the few companies in Italy that owns and operates this type of highly specialized equipment.


Waste is transported in various forms: liquid and solid, bulk and packed, ADR and non-ADR.
Products are primarily exhausted chemicals for recycling, industrial waste water, asbestos and soil.


We transport class 6 ADR (toxic) chemical solvents for pharmaceutical use. Moreover, C.I.P.A.A.  provides transportation services for petroleum solvents, class 3 ADR (flammable), for various industrial uses including paint producers.


We carry out ADR & non-ADR transport services with our 20′, 30′, 40′, 45′ and 20′ double crates with our tank containers and those of our business partners who perform intermodal services at ports and freight villages.


We transport ADR and non-ADR raw materials and finished products, as well as waste: bulk with tipping tanks and packaged with curtainsiders. We also offer a goods storage service (including ADR), including small-scale distribution with small trucks and vans.